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Nachrichten - Sonir

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Landsknecht im LARP / Re: Basteleien fürs LKL
« am: Heute um 14:51:17 »
Tündi finished my shield painting

Allgemeines / Re: [2019] Schutzscheine: ja oder nein?
« am: Heute um 11:24:51 »
I always liked it, it's a good thing to have

Landsknecht im LARP / Re: Basteleien fürs LKL
« am: 15. Juli 2019, 20:57:23 »
new shield is in the making and Tünde Flesch is painting some nice pictures on it

Aufbau / Re: [2019] Zeltliste:
« am: 05. Juli 2019, 15:43:55 »
thank you guys for the offers, we will bring something for everyone who offered a tent or a space in one
Kendra, it is Sonir. Could be a menace. ;D

Aufbau / Re: [2019] Zeltliste:
« am: 05. Juli 2019, 10:36:32 »
thank you guys for the offers, we will bring something for everyone who offered a tent or a space in one

Allgemeines / Re: [2019] Sammlung IT-Namen
« am: 02. Juli 2019, 13:18:37 »
Tróger Rotte

Sonir Norend
Cassia Hawksong
Elsebeth Reiter
Dreegar Fontane
Kaspar Leberecht Gerst
Balthasar Klingemann
Elica Melsbach
Leo Schneider
Konrad von Rinderschäfer

Aufbau / Re: [2019] Lagerplan
« am: 02. Juli 2019, 12:42:17 »
it's not as bad as if it were twice as bad.

On the upside we have a really big place to go out and do stuff, though I also worry about the orcs being so close.
Also the ritual circle being so close maybe gives us more opportunity for quick missions.

Aufbau / Re: [2019] Zeltliste:
« am: 02. Juli 2019, 12:36:36 »
Little correction: this weekend it turned out that we can't bring the 2 x 5 meter tent (though it was questionable from the start) so it shouldn't be counted.
On related news: we are looking for sleeping places for 7 person.

Allgemeines / Re: [2019] Werbung fürs LKL
« am: 01. Juli 2019, 07:01:47 »
Aber ohne genaue Uhrzeit wirds schwierig. Mir fällt dazu gerade keine Lösung ein... sonst jemandem?

Two options come to my mind, neither one is really good or easily done.
First is being VERY loud at the start. Like firing a cannon or some arquebus kind of loud. This is obviously pretty hard to organize so I don't even kid myself to be doable.

The other one is that we have to be where the people are. For the start of the drill maybe marching through the town and similar stuff. But this only guarantees that people see us only in the town, not that they will follow us and see what will happen afterwards. Also some may not like that we are blocking the roads.
Though if we do march through the town, our support group can hand out flyers on the spot maybe?

Allgemeines / Re: [2019] Werbung fürs LKL
« am: 30. Juni 2019, 09:35:34 »
I think we should do the complaint form too. I really liked it, it's funny and gives the option to interact with us in a funny way.

Also about the assigments: small assigments is great to do PR. When someone hire the whole camp we are just a mass of fabulous people who is off course effective but because of the crowd thing it's not that personal. If we do smaller assigments where only a few Landsknechts is involved be it some kind of small escort / bodyguard duty or just wrecking a shop / breaking a leg or two it's a more personal interaction that that could shape our reputation with the individual more effectively. (though we need the bigger assigments too)

Landsknecht im LARP / Re: Ladies in the LKL
« am: 24. Juni 2019, 20:58:03 »
I still say you should get some stuffed rats in cages and such.

Allgemeines / Re: [2019] Gunshow 2.0 More Dakka?
« am: 16. Juni 2019, 10:09:23 »
all right, we will try to come up with something and practice a little.
We welcome any idea what should we include or do not include

Allgemeines / Re: [2019] Gunshow 2.0 More Dakka?
« am: 13. Juni 2019, 11:54:49 »
So I talked with Hubert as apparently his station had a little bodyguarding stuff in it, but if it's okay me and my group would like to make a separate bodyguarding station on the gunshow.

It's just an idea now but here are some things that we would probably put in it:
- simulated attack on a guarded person that we obviously counter with style
- simple guarding with wonderfully bored faces but also ready for anything
- how we protect people against everyday shanking, also a little dagger fight probably
- showing that even if the guarded person lose his purse we return it, without anything missing, pinky promise
- maybe a little montante or bidenhander crowd control plays against gang-bang attacks
- presenting that we are not just effective but also fashionable as guards, and ladies would fawn over anyone who would hire us

The biggest problem I see right now is that none of us is really good with german so the whole presentation would be in english, but we can even make a point about that we can provide perfectly discreet guards for sensitive meetings where the guard later can't spill any secrets as he won't understand them in the first place

Allgemeines / Re: [2019] Gunshow 2.0 More Dakka?
« am: 12. Juni 2019, 15:56:35 »
Just a wild idea but, do we have a station that would show that we are also good for bodyguard stuff too?

Aufbau / Re: [2019] Ominöses Lagerplatzanmeldungssystem
« am: 29. Mai 2019, 12:59:30 »
I've done the thing for myself and for the 8 other people I come with

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