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Landsknecht im LARP / Ladies in the LKL
« am: 28. Dezember 2018, 22:07:44 »
I started this topic becuase there are a few girls in my country who are interested in coming to Drachenfest and _MIGHT_ come to the LKL but they aren't entirely sure if this camp is what they want.

What I'm mainly looking for is ideas of what could female charters do in the camp that aren't just healing, alchemy, water distribution or fighting and the likes BUT also enjoyable AND fits the camp image and won't get boring after half a day

For example just as a random idea, if some of the girls would bring sellable stuff into the town could that be something that is okay with the LKL or can we make it more "landsknechtish"?
Any ideas are welcomed

Rückblicke / [2018] Photos
« am: 30. Juli 2018, 18:29:08 »
As always, links for photo galleries from various places.

Here are the few I made, not that many distinct photos but I shot a few of one of the sapper drill so a good time-lapse animation might be put together or something.
There will be more from the hungarian team, will put it up as soon as they are uploaded somewhere


Outtime / "cheap" leather
« am: 25. Mai 2017, 10:07:40 »
I heard many times from you guys that it's hard to get relatively cheap leather, but fortunately that's one of the few things that we can get cheaply in Hungary.

So if anyone interested we can bring you some leather, all of them is vegetable tanned

Goat leather,  0.8-1 mm thickness, 35 euro for one square meter (one whole piece is roughly 0,6-0,7 square meter), we can get a LOT of these
Cow leather, 1,8-2,5 mm thickness (If anyone seen my leather jerkin it was made from this kind of leather), 50 euro for one square meter, one whole piece is roughly 1,5-1,8 square meter, we have 3 whole piece as of now, can get more, not sure how many.

Also we can get buffalo leather too for 60 euro per square meter, but so far we did not liked to work with, it's too stiff and thick, etc. but maybe someone needs that. If that's the case I can get additional information about them.

Anyway these are what we can right now, and a limited amount we can bring to drachenfest, but also sending through postal services is an option too.

Aufbau / [2017] spare room in the tents?
« am: 02. Mai 2017, 17:12:04 »
I would like to ask for a little help as the Hungarian group that comes with me now got a clearer picture for our logistics.

It seems like that we won't have enough room for tents to bring with us (nor do we have a big enough or proper looking one, only a few smaller ones) so I'm asking if anyone have spare room in their tents for us. There will be five of us (4 men 1 woman), I'm interested in any solutions.

Allgemeines / [2017] cannon for the camp
« am: 05. September 2016, 19:28:58 »

It seems like that I will be able to finally bring a group of hungarians in 2017 to the camp and the idea cam up that we could build a larp safe cannon (that are compatibel with the rules and the local laws) and bring that too with us.

The real question is: Does the camp need a cannon? Can we use it in a meaningful way?

In my opinion it is possible to use it attached to the formation in one way or another and be effective with it even against other formation not just against walls.
That said I also realize that it can cause mobility problems for the formation, plus probably there are other things that I didn't thought of.

Any comments/ideas on this?

Rückblicke / [2016] Photos
« am: 02. August 2016, 08:55:40 »
Photos of the 2016 year.

Here are mine, although at least a third of it are a little blurry and there is one huge bunch of pictures which are really bad because accidentally I put the camera in a totally different mode without realizing it, but there are a few good ones I hope.
Feel free to use them however you guys want


Rückblicke / photos 2015
« am: 03. August 2015, 13:09:44 »
Alright, let's start this. Here are the photos I made, not all of them is great as I'm not a photographer but at least there are plenty:


Outtime / munitions grade armour and sword for sale
« am: 27. November 2014, 19:02:53 »
I don't know if advertising is allowed (if not just say it and I delete the thread)
My friend wants to sell his late 16th German black & white armour. The price of the armour is 480 Euros, the sword is 175 Euros alone or 130 with the armour (shipping not included, preferably to Europe).
This kind of decoration was fashionable from around 1540 to 1620, mainly in German territory, but some Italian examples also exist. The cuirass is articulated as seen on an original now exhibited at the Landeszeughaus Graz. The gauntlets have long cuffs, reaching almost to the elbow on the outside.
Every piece is handmade from sheet metal.

Parts: breastplate, backplate, gorget, tassets, gauntlets, helmet, buffe

Gauntlet cuffs, metacarpals, backplate and gorget: 1mm/19-20GA
Gauntlet fingers, tassets and helmet: 1.5mm/16-17GA
Gauntlet knuckles, breastplate, gussets and buffe: 2mm/14-15GA

more pictures

Landsknecht im LARP / footwear
« am: 13. November 2014, 21:13:43 »
I didn't seen any thread about footwear so I though I might start one.
And here is a starting question: Is there any trick about sewing on the soles? While we use thick threads they are still wear out way to fast to my liking (although admiteddly I walked way too much on concrete and other hard surfaces too)

Vorstellung / [2015] Sonir
« am: 06. August 2014, 20:54:44 »
I was the hungarian guy who visited the camp a few times and as others made me promise I plan to be in the camp next year.
So far this is the best pic I have right now about my gear although some of you may seen it during the game, plus there is the armor which you probably didn't seen much and right now I don't have a really good picture about it.

there are a few things I will change with the cloths, like I fucked up the lace holes, and didn't have proper laces, and will add a few blue stripes to the lower part of the hose, but that's the general idea.

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