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Vorstellung / Re: Vorstellung - Lyraevi
« am: 24. April 2019, 20:35:40 »

Outtime / Re: "cheap" leather
« am: 05. April 2019, 21:51:15 »
Is there a possibility you coul bring leather with a thinkness of 3mm+ ?
Very likely but I have to ask around first. Probably a week or two

Outtime / Re: "cheap" leather
« am: 14. Februar 2019, 15:31:27 »
Little update for the 2019 possibilities as a few stuff changed.

So as always I can bring cheap leather to you guys, in the past years several of you bought from it and as far as I know everyone was satisfied with the quality. Here is what I can bring this year:

Goat leather - thickness is 1,2mm or slightly less. One piece of goat is somewhere between 0.48-0.75 square meter.
Price: 40 euro per squareMETER

Cow leather (thinner) - thickness is 1,8 mm roughly. One piece of this is somewhere around 1 square meter, sometimes a little less sometimes a little more.
Price: 50 euro per squareMETER

Cow leather (thicker) - thickness is 2,5 mm roughly. One piece of this is usually 1,8 - 2 square meter.
Price: 60 euro per squareMETER

If needed I can get bigger versions of the thicker cow leather but not guaranteed. Also I can get buffalo leather but as previously mentioned it's thick, stiff and generally not the best to work with. Regardless they are good for a few things.

feel free to ask questions here or by pm

Allgemeines / Re: [2019] English Threads/Discussions
« am: 14. Februar 2019, 14:21:00 »
thanks, it helps

Allgemeines / Re: [2019] English Threads/Discussions
« am: 14. Februar 2019, 13:35:42 »
Hungarian is kind of "untranslatable", isn't it?  :jaeckle:

We prefer the term "superior" 8)

Allgemeines / Re: [2019] English Threads/Discussions
« am: 31. Januar 2019, 13:39:54 »
As for me I mostly go by google translate until the day I will actually learn german. Obviously it's not an ideal solution because often google translate just put in a wild guess for a word, like Sturmhaube became balacklava by some weird magic.
This is especially frustrating if it happens in the title or the opening post because that's what I go by mostly when I try to figure out if I want to chew trough every comment and it helps with the context.

So for me the greatest help if the title and the opening post is available in english.
(this would be especially needed where there is a vote / poll)

The periodical english summary while sounds good but I'm not sure that at this moment would be needed in every thread given the amount of non-german players. So far if I had problems and asked then everyone was really helpful be it on the forum or in other back channels (skyep/fb/etc)

Landsknecht im LARP / Re: Ladies in the LKL
« am: 24. Januar 2019, 14:15:14 »
my Soap Business

I though Kendra was the head of the soap-men :D

Joking aside, thanks for the ideas, it's still kind of blurry who will come to drachenfest and to the LKL but hopefully that will be decided in the next week or two, hence I tried to ask beforehand.
Also it looks like I will bring somewhere around 7-11 people this year depending on how things goes, nearly half of them will be girls.

Landsknecht im LARP / Re: Ladies in the LKL
« am: 09. Januar 2019, 17:14:00 »
I know that the fighting is an option but I'm also aware that not everyone is fond of it so I merely try to look for other options and to make the camp a little more lively maybe in the process, if it's possible.

So I doesn't look for one thing that fills a whole day but one that could be a strong link to the camp so to say. The girls doesn't really knew either what they want or can do here as such a big larp as Drachenfest is completely new to them. That's part of the reason I want them to have some kind of small task that would be good "crutch" and also beneficial for the camp

Landsknecht im LARP / Ladies in the LKL
« am: 28. Dezember 2018, 22:07:44 »
I started this topic becuase there are a few girls in my country who are interested in coming to Drachenfest and _MIGHT_ come to the LKL but they aren't entirely sure if this camp is what they want.

What I'm mainly looking for is ideas of what could female charters do in the camp that aren't just healing, alchemy, water distribution or fighting and the likes BUT also enjoyable AND fits the camp image and won't get boring after half a day

For example just as a random idea, if some of the girls would bring sellable stuff into the town could that be something that is okay with the LKL or can we make it more "landsknechtish"?
Any ideas are welcomed

Allgemeines / Re: [2019] Kriegsbuch, LKL Edition
« am: 23. August 2018, 12:00:06 »
I would buy more than one. even if it's just in german

Why? We as a camp have absolutly no use for an egg beside selling it one way or another. We can't keep it, we can't transport it, we can't use it in any other way. If he's not able to see this than it's of no use to discus any further.

I'm pretty sure he can see that, but he is an avatar after all with very firm ideological beliefs. It's our task to make an argument that he likes. And he already stated simply selling it is not compelling him.
So the thing is we probably can sell it BUT we have to present it in a way that is okay with the Red. Simply just saying that is an effortless attempt and also would generate little play opportunities.
That's why we need some creative solution.

The problem is still that the red avatar has to okay the whole thing and he won't do it unless he also likes the idea. And he doesn't like the idea of we simply selling the egg and stuff like that. I would wager that simply giving it to someone we just defeated would make him a little grumpy.

Giving it to the Temple is a safe bet, that probably would have no opposition from the Red, and we can still advertise ourselves in the meantime.

Giving it to the weakest camp could be more beneficial to us (maybe we could get some good PR with the Gold avatar this way) but I'm very unsure if the Red would be okay with this, probably depends on how we present it to him

The problem with the auction is that while indeed we would get money from it, I see no way that the Red avatar would allow it.
Basically it would mean one camp had two contestant.
So leaving it at the temple is the the safe bet that the avatar would approve and we could be in the championship.

And we can make money from it too. Either letting the contestant be bribed or just simply winning it and making it into a PR stunt that we can beat the camps even in a one on one fight so they should REALLY hire us.

Rückblicke / Re: [2018] Photos
« am: 09. August 2018, 09:43:25 »

Rückblicke / Re: [2018] Photos
« am: 02. August 2018, 12:08:40 »
very short writing about us and two pics plus a video

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